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23 December 2009 @ 06:27 pm
It was pretty boring actually. Not as fun as I thought it would be...  especially when they didn't assign another person to kettle with me and my stomach started grumbling! 

Luckily, this nice uncle who works there helped me get a hot dog. Ah thank you thank you thank you. 

It's pretty awful to when you say "MERRY CHRISTMAS"  to passer-bys and they give you the stink eye. Or when a group of people (you know the student posse kind) walks past and then they all stare and when you say "merry christmas- help the needy" they sneer or 'bastard you' or point and laugh. Which was the worse response I got. Fuckers. 

Oh but there was this little kid who kept coming back to deposit $1 coins into the kettle. That was really sweet. And when strangers say Merry Christmas back or smile its really heart warming. And I met my senior too, which was quite weird cos i had to wear that hideous red apron while she had on the loveliest floral patterned oversized sweater... 

So all in all it was an uneventful 2 hours. meh.
Note to self: if there's a next time, go in pairs.
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22 December 2009 @ 05:13 am
You've never went to a flea market before? 
Ah you poor unfortunate souls...

OK I ADMIT IT SUCKED a little. I mean seriously not advisable for claustrophobic people. The shops are jam packed together, there's barely space to walk. In the building, they forgot to switch on the lights apparently and you can barely see anything. Bet the St. James people earned the most money out of it! 
The clothes are pretty blah and dominated by blogshop owners which, well, the clothes they sell... 

ARE SUPER MASS PRODUCED, THEY'D SAY ITS FROM JAPAN OR HONGKONG OR BANGKOK OR SOME EXOTIC LOCATION but you know who cares if it sucks. Stupid phony, desperate-to-look-vintage crap. Of course there are exceptions, not all blog shops/stores have bad tastes (they generally do though). The whole idea of a "flea market" is just absolutely destroyed by their money making aspirations. To quote Penny from the big bang theory "don't even give it up for donation, you're not helping anybody".

Whatever happened to "one man's crap and another man's treasure"? I had such expectations. Like an unloaded caravan full of old carpets and lampshades and heavy fur coats and granny's dress from the 60's? Ok, there were some vinyl records by the BeeGees...

Thing is I perfectly understand that flea markets generally house unwanted clothing/furniture/toys/whatever but thats the fun of it,see. Its the eclectic mix of rubbish from different habitats, each with its own stains and scars and their own stories to tell.
What I see though is ripped or tie-dyed T-shirts, massed produced scraps of cloth with studs randomly stuck on to stay "in-trend" (denim 'hot pants' (urgh hate that phrase), pvc biker jackets, dresses with the some ugly patterned top and black skirt combo);  (meaninglessly promiscuous studs) or body con shirts or shirts which are too long to be shirts but too short to be dresses. What's the point? What's this travesty?

Beyond aesthetics (which was sorely missing anyway), clothes should bare meaning or a certain functionality to it. If you want your blogshop/fleastand to be successful for Pete's sake do some research, I'm sure there are more suppliers out there! 


i scored a franz ferdinand cd for $3, i got fishnet stockings with some paisley pattern on it (ah i have a whole museum of stockings), and a blouse with lightning bolt prints. 
And it was kinda nice for Xian Lin to ask me along in the first place, so THANK YOU  :D :D :D She scored a juicy couture bracelet for $10- lucky her! And yeah her friends were friendly too :) 

So i was thinking... I should open a store at these flea thingys too! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Looks fun and I have tons of clothes I don't want and i don't reckon they're all that bad! 
It'll be so fun just to decorate the stand a little and it'll be nice cos i'll make some money and I love money too <3 

Well, so anyone wants to join in as well? We could share a stand and save costs as well as have company so when things get boring we can chitchat the afternoon away or when we have to pee we wouldn't have to drag all the booty to some safe location (virtually impossible) incase someone steals something~ haha WE"LL BE RICH $$$$ 

yeah its 5AM forgive me if I sound a little out of sorts. Jet lag kicks butt/ brain in this case.
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22 December 2009 @ 03:07 am
It just occurred to me that I've been doing tons of stuff and I actually have something to write/type about that I don't want to forget! So the Spain thing was well, quite swell my belle. Here goes.

Val invited me to go traverse Spain with her, her mum and her papa. How could I say no? Europe is fun, its like Asia for Caucasians oooh exotic, New climate! The weather there was so chilly, the winds and the temperature was an experience itself. I recall a night after the flamenco dance, at around 11PM, the gale was at its liveliest and I had only worn one layer of tights, I was in a cold store! Unfortunate that I wore a skirt. 

As expected 50% of the time we were on the bus and guess what? We made friends! Ha ha, it wasn't easy. Learning the art of random bridge is a long torturous process of confusion and repeated instructions (by said new friends). The teacher must hence be fluent in english and have tremendous patience. Moreover he must not be flustered by the overwhelming questions his pupils will have. If not handled properly the teacher will be rendered speechless and maybe a headache will form and then it would spread to the confused people (the students) and then to the people sitting within a one meter radius and you can see how it would spread from meter to meter to the drivers on the road- in the middle of an endless drive to nowhere. Ah. I can see it now: a dented boot, the tire tracks on the asphalt and the swerve of incoming traffic parting like the red sea... and all for a devastatingly fun game of bridge.

Well, anyhow we learnt it, but this begins on the third day because Val and I were content in our cocoon of lovely companionship consisting mainly of rabid camwhoreing at the back of the bus (first time our buts were introduced to the seats of the bus). We were imitating signature looks of our friends... Wei Qi, Vanessa, Cheryl, Brenda... ah hahaha.

Also we managed to learn the song Sugar town sung by Nancy Sinastra. Though by the end of the trip it was tired out and I blame Valerie for that, throughout the trip, while strolling through the cobble-stone streats she kept whispering Shu-shu-shu-shu-shu-shu-shuuu~sugar town in my ear. 

Other things we did on the bus included sleeping and taking pictures of the scenery as the bus whizzed by creating winds to shake the under story of weeds and wild flowers. The expanse of the cities were so breathtaking (the cottage style houses were low rise and closely packed with rooftops and the wide blue sky) , the pictures dumb down the wonder of these sights so I couldn't actually take home the feeling of the places, like the sunrise when taken becomes a cheap tourist attempt to catalogue the sights. 

On day one the ride up Montserat was amazing. At a certain point you could see all the tiny houses all packed under this great thing called the sky and you can feel almost level to the clouds. The route up was not very steep but it was cut in such a way when looking down you'd see a sheer drop and the tops of trees (the shape of mushrooms)  that was thrilling pretty  thrilling.

Other aspects of the bus ride included ear popping experiences with air pressure as we went crossed a mountain/hill (? not sure), staring a val while she slept, very funny experience that. (I took a picture cos i got bored) and finally on the third day card playing. Also, to note, subsequent days consisted of plotting and scheming and watching crappy movies like the truth about cats and dogs (never heard of it? exactly) and david copperfield (it was ok but not my choice of entertainment really. ITS ALL TRICKS. THEM EYES LIE AND DAVID'S JUST GOOD AT MATH) 

About the plotting, let it be known that Val was not fully for it. She told me so in the hotel room on the last day when everything was said and done. Good sport she was- Guess I had more fun out of it. 

A highlight on the bus ride was when we drove past a hump at high speed and the effect was that my entity was displaced about 20cm off the seat. Ahh, the driver offered his apologies and the tour leader was rambling off about how accidents happen etc etc and I was thinking lets do it again, my heart had lept up. 

Thus our time on the bus had passed like so with nary a hitch. 
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22 December 2009 @ 01:51 am

Aside from Bonnie's elegant taste in stolen clothes you should really watch this film ah well... cause it has one heck of an awesome ending.
their texas accents are somewhat compelling and the main character's brother's wife was so annoying the quintessence of obnoxious, self-righteous... ah a Dolores Umbridge ancestor if you will.

The ending was really epic though. Action buffs and romantics all alike will enjoy it I think. For me the best part was epitomized with a single look. Makes more sense in motion and certainly more beautiful.
I think so anyway.
30 November 2009 @ 02:50 pm
I'm feeling tons excited about Spain a place I will be leaving for TOMORROW. <3<3
The idea of being able to layer my clothes and not have people staring is certainly sending tingles up my spine. I mean its not weird to wear trench coats anymore!
like that ever stopped me in the first place.
Anyhow feeling a tad bit inexperienced I turned to the sartorialist for some advice and realized that fashionistas generally ignore the weather and wear minis whenever pleases them, after all it is fashion week. I heard Anna Wintour orders it to be so. Everyone must look chic!
Either that or they have really insular and compact layers of fats cause everyone's so skinny.

This must be very shallow but I'm only interested in the shopping. They say Zara and Mango is cheap there so I'll definitely grab some spring pieces to wear back in S'pore. At any rate it would be hypocritical of me to say that I'm traveling with CHAN BROTHERS to gain enlightenment and spiritual wholesomeness by visiting the cathedrals. Sure the glass montages must be glorious and painstakingly created but honestly in this day and age its just something for typical travelers to take pictures with and then show it off to relatives on christmas.

Which is another thing. How DONT i waste money on a guided tour which almost promises to be a cheapskate introduction to a wonderful country?

Ok gonna do some googling now.
Hasta la vista people see you soon!
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18 November 2009 @ 12:45 pm
watch freaks and geeks!
typical high school stuff but real fun to watch anyhow.

"you kids used to run around naked in the house and lie in bed with us all night and we used to wipe your asses when you pooped and we loved it. "
15 November 2009 @ 12:47 am
06 November 2009 @ 09:48 pm
 via Frankie :D

05 September 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Covet, covet, covet <3

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19 July 2009 @ 01:15 am
Next to the kills and lykke li, I'm just digging this band The Dead Weather and Phoenix though I've only heard  a few songs but its pretty cool! And the music videos' pretty solid. Makes me feel lazy and energetic all at the same time, the last few scenes consisted of sunlight flitting through the bullets holes were a pretty neat trick. <3 for attention to detail! 

Haddn't been posting much (at all) cause I'm in quite a rut where I'm basically apathetic or uncaring for the clothes in my closet. Don't see how this came to be but I guess not having the time to shop does weird and awful things to your imagination. Or perhaps attempting at math wasn't a good idea after all. 
\Oh once beloved drags of cotton how i want to shred you to pieces.

All my favourite fail-safe clothing are, well not quite fail-safe anymore. That cotton biker jacket and lime-green sweater. Darlings why must you expand at the sleeves and shrink in length- all at once? Sheesh. Thats what you get for mass produced goods like mango and zara.
Well no need to fret- it's just another sign pointing towards the retail therapy option. Right? Takes ages to find what you want in your budget but that's the thrill of it all right? (wishful thinking- settling for second best sucks) 
Which brings me to my next point- Flea markets! 
Clara and I are planning to go together and I can't wait.

Also, a reunion is in order over HBP with Hwee Woon and Sher Wei. We'll be able to jibe sher about her ravenclaw inclinations once again! Quite the nerdy bunch we are- and proud of it! Reviews for the movie ranges from anemic to better than twilight, which is such a pity but this gives fans a hope of remakes in the future. Like maybe twenty years down the road fans will be able to gather once more to make Rowling richer than the King.

Not expecting any Oscar performances but Emma is seriously hot. Think that's a plus factor or a neutralizing point over the fact that she emotes with her eyebrows. 

I really loved the styling for this shoot- the hair band, the horses and ESPECIALLY this dress (points down)

kinda blurry in this picture. Vogue has inclinations for such old world/ professor's surprisingly chic yet shabby hide out in the charming woods kind of back drop. 

Ok deviation.
I'm also looking forward to Snape's performance- said to be good and professor slughorn, which we haven't seen yet.  
I'm just glad Cedric Diggory died in less than one movie- after twilight. Aye yai yai. 
Additionally, I'm really excited about prom this year. 
Quote Juno "Proms are for dorks... besides its not fun once you're old enough to go."
and the 4H ppl are totally NOT hyped up about it and there won't be dancing and it's called "Perfect night" and oganized by 15 year old dweebs who knows nuts about decorating and prom night naming. 
Oh and our theme's "black white and gold". Awesome , fun for all ages and safe enough for people with no imaginations. 
You can see so much thought has been put into the planning that the name of the event co-relates totally to the theme. (note alliteration to bring about emphasis of the word THEME) 
Ok to be fair I don't know who these dweebs are, but they better watch some gossip girl before they do anything! (wishful thinking)
Despite all this! I'm keeping positive and if nobody dances... we'll force the teachers into cages and poke them with our knives to simulate the illusion of dancing. Or throw a gas bomb and shout NINJAS!  

Whatever works. 

And finally, here's to coming months of mugging marathons.
Speaking of which I studied with my dear friend Sherylynn today, which was a pleasant surprise. To say the least it was fun so- LETS DO IT AGAIN! :DDDD 


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